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Clients ask us to look at a myriad of commercial challenges, and although we primarily focus on commercial relationships, our philosophy of looking at situations from a 'no-filter' perspective has yielded breakthrough results in some surprising areas.

Using our 'Freeframing' process to clearly align on a brief, we make sure the you and we are on the same page right from the start.

Examples of recent projects:

  • Creating go-to-market strategy for global agency

  • Negotiation strategy for energy super-major

  • 5 year strategy for spirits manufacturer

  • Global manufacturer's digital strategy

  • Implementation of price increase across customer base

  • Supplier management workshop for international procurement team

  • Strategy and execution for CPG team managing customer investment demand

  • Exploring completely new relationship model with real 'value creation' at its heart

  • Program to find, deliver and demonstrate value in an industry facing rapid change and slow growth

  • Negotiation workshop for the most senior executives of global organizations

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