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Solutions for Your Team

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You can tell when a team is great. They have confidence in themselves, others and their direction. They are empowered to make decisions and act.

We partner with you to create and sustain a high performance team; from maintaining focus, overcoming challenges, to relentless continuous improving.

All our solutions are tailored - designed for your current situation. By understanding your culture, people, and goals we facilitate and create actions that will improve team performance.

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Using the powerful insights from over 100 data points in the Professional PRISM report, we help individuals understand themselves and how they can be their best selves.

Following the 30 minute questionnaire, we focus on what each person brings naturally, how they might want to adapt at times, and how they can interact most effectively with others. The accuracy is astounding.

PRISM Behavior Insights

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This intense two day program provides your team with the essentials for success: a vision and strategy, and deep understanding of how best they can operate together.

It includes an individual PRISM Professional debrief for each attendee, tactical plan, Team Performance Diagnostic (TPD) and action planning. To embed change a second TPD is included.

Commercial Team Building

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This one day program follows an individual PRISM Professional debrief for each attendee with a tailored day together understanding each other's behavior preferences.


Focused on understanding, collaboration  and communication, we follow up with a Team Performance Diagnostic (TPD) and action planning. A second TPD is included.

Performance Team Building

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This separate questionnaire provides you and your team with data on how you feel you are performing across 25 different measures in the areas of: Achievement, Relationships, Team Dynamic and Culture. Detailed ratings and written feedback are provided.

Comparing leader and team perspectives, direct conversations ensue - leading to clear actions owned by the whole team

Team Performance Diagnostic

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With PRISM's 100+ individual data points, objectively shared and explained, development conversations are far more focused and advance much quicker. 

We tailor coaching engagements to each individual and their situation. Using well-know coaching models alongside PRISM insights and our commercial experience makes this a powerful tool.


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We tailor the PRISM Professional debrief to highlight behaviors to amplify, and those to adapt over the new hire's first 90 days in their new role. 

The 90 day plan is reviewed at intervals over its execution, with detailed commercial and behavioral support provided to significantly increase speed to performance. 

Executive Onboarding

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The deep array of behavior preference insights from PRISM reports are used to understand how well suited to a role an individual is.

World class outputs support more accurate, inclusive and powerful recruitment than you can find anywhere else. Clients have expanded their talent pools and diversified their teams using our recruitment solutions.

Recruitment Support

Examples of our work

  • Supporting a new CPG Sales leadership team get up and running fast. We facilitated their team vision and strategy, then provided tailored insights for how they could best work together to deliver their vision. They beat their targets through challenging times and built a team for the long-term.

  • The President of an established Fortune 100 North American firm needed to implement significant culture change, led by his direct reports. Through plenty of resistance we supported them to understand each other's perspectives, preferences for change, and many other aspects over several years of transformation.

  • We partner with Cameron Smith & Associates, the leading recruiter for suppliers to WalMart and other retailers, to offer their clients with Executive Onboarding. Before starting, and over the first 90 days in-role, we support their recruits to make the transition smoother and results faster.

  • We support several teams across the global headquarters of a leading manufacturer with ongoing team and individual behavioral development. From onboarding new starters using PRISM, to facilitating issue-focused team meetings, to everyday advising, guiding and coaching of leaders and team members, we are there by their sides.

  • Working with a mid-size construction firm in the US we have provided behavioral insight for new recruits in their Project Manager role. Based on a deep understanding of the behaviors that drive success, they are able to make smarter, more objective decisions resulting in a wider group of potential team members, both geographically, by industry and individually.

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