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“Because CommercialSolutions’ programs are based on neuroscience, it ensured trust in the process and allowed learning to occur in an inclusive environment without bias.”
Mike Pierson
Chief Customer Officer

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“The data-driven analytics of the PRISM tool was unlike any other assessment I have experienced; both personally and at the overall team level."
Ryan Rotner
Director Connected Products

“Their collaborative approach ensures our interests are always prioritized, and their adaptability and market acumen have consistently surpassed our expectations.”
Adam Roscher

Chief Customer Officer

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“Despite having hundreds of years of contracting experience, we all learned from Simon’s expertise and guidance and gained confidence in our delivery through the final negotiation and selection proposal stages.”
Gavin Sears

Contracting & Procurement Manager

“The detailed team analysis gave us confidence in the breadth we have. I would definitely recommend CommercialSolutions to anyone building a business team or preparing for their next challenge"
Tommy Baroody

VP Sales

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“The Power Negotiation workshop is fresh and tailored to customer teams, with practical concepts and models that can be applied immediately. ”
Taylor Gordy

Chief Customer Officer

“The buy in from our executive team was unanimous, and as the work starts to make it all happen we have  confidence that we are all going to achieve that same goal.”
Ron Wall

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"I would thoroughly recommend Negotiation Foundations Online for many of those who negotiate, from beginners, to experienced negotiators who need a framework to improve results and build stronger relationships.”
Danny Mosse
Chief Customer Officer

“We’re fully integrating CommercialSolutions’ end-to end recruitment solution from now on, as the ROI through significantly improved selection and increased retention is indisputable.”
Scott Clark

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The biggest transformation was in our negotiation culture. We witnessed a surge in creativity and confidence during out discussions.”
Adi Talwar
Head of Indirect Procurement

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