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Solutions for Your Business Partners

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Commercial relationships are built on communication, which comes from our behavior: verbal and non-verbal. Using our commercial expertise and PRISM Brian Mapping we build a foundation of self-awareness and authenticity to enable business relationships to grow and flourish.

Nothing builds confidence in your team and their partners more than a compelling vision and a strong strategy to deliver it. Using our ViSTA Practical Strategy model and engagement with those who know their market best enables us to deliver all manner of strategies in no time at all that deliver the results.

We are elite negotiation experts, with decades of experience negotiating, supporting negotiators, and training the next generation of experts. We’re there to support your team with every scenario they face.

As for your team solutions, we tailor all our work to suit your situation, delivering exceptional value with every engagement.

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Our ViSTA Practical Strategy model is simple, yet powerful, engaging your team to visualize success and map out the route to delivery.

Proven in so many situations, we tailor each strategy workshop to the situation and team. We help you create a compelling vision that creates a 'movement' of people whose goal is to make your vision a reality.

Strategy Consulting

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We have some of the most deep and varied experience in the field of negotiation. Supporting clients across the world in almost every industry, we are your go-to negotiation consultants.

When your negotiation really matters we relish the opportunity to support your team. The results speak for themselves, not only financial, but with improved relationships where the danger is the opposite.

Negotiation Project Support

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While your teams may be trained to negotiate, they are pulled in many directions. Why not have one of the world's leading negotiators to guide you on all your deals?

We offer packages to suit most budgets, and our retained clients tell us their investment in retained negotiation support delivers the highest ROI of ANY investment they make, bar none.

Retained Negotiation Consulting

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Handle every negotiation style with skill, and truly adapt your behavior to bring the other party to you. This world class 2.5 day program covers every type of negotiation using the Negotiation Thermometer and the 7 Principles of Negotiation.


With a focused group of 8, tailored case studies, video feedback and our unique 'instant consulting' this is the best value negotiation program in the world, delivering ROI the next day.

Power Negotiation Training

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A fast-paced day exploring the fundamentals of negotiation with an expert. This program is ideal for new account managers, those without previous training, and those who need to understand.

Using the Negotiation Thermometer and 7 Principles, 'Core' is compatible for those working with Power Negotiation attendees, enabling consistent planning and execution together.

Power Negotiation Core

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Our virtual solution for a similar experience to Power Negotiation Core. Run over two consecutive half days, this course engages delegates with tailored cases and video fee​dback.

As well as using the Negotiation Thermometer and 7 Principles we naturally address specific aspects of virtual negotiation, more and more valuable in today's business world.

Negotiation Foundations Online

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A unique tool, utilizing PRISM Brain Mapping to enable you to get into the mind of your negotiation counterparties. With only 1.5 hours we build a negotiation profile for you to use in every negotiation with that person.

How they operate, negotiate, get satisfaction, make decisions and more. With fewer, more important relationships, this is one of the most valuable tools you can buy.

Counterpart Blueprint

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Inspire your team to create a Customer Strategy then own and deliver. Most customer teams don't even have a strategy, they just have goals.

Our fresh approach is focused on your team and their business, not templates. We unlock the knowledge in them to create a vision for their customer and a plan to achieve it over time. We make resource and focus decisions to guide them all the way to delivery.

Customer Strategy Development

Examples of our work

  • Retained consulting with a CPG Sales team, being available to guide, advise and coach on any negotiation that arises. Support across retailer asks, price increases, tactical negotiations, Joint Business Plans, new listings and much more has delivered many millions of dollars to the bottom line while building stronger retailer relationships.

  • Delivered our world class Power Negotiation program to a negotiation team without any prior training. In multiple countries to several nationalities both 'home-grown' and external hires. Immediate response was excellent and actionable and ongoing they now have a common language which has increased cross team collaboration.

  • Embedded in an energy Procurement team across several months to support a cross-nations, multi-billion dollar construction project. Reviewed initial strategy, moving away from templates to counterparty-based negotiations. With a clear vision and goals re-focused on how to negotiate with a long term partner who had to be committed to delivery. Selection achieved with huge savings and with a collaborative mindset from both parties starting the project.

  • A leading international PR firm wanted to see if they could buck the industry trend of margin squeeze. We worked with them to create a vision of their premium offering being valued as such, and a go to market strategy to achieve the resulting financials. Engaging several functions we were able to increase margins while the industry's fell.

  • Designed, built and facilitated the US division's 5-year strategy for a major drinks manufacturer. Involving the board and major players in each department, we challenged them to both evolve the business as well as focus on the most effective strategies to achieve their success vision. The engaging nature of this exercise vastly increased the level of ownership by the team.

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