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Negotiation Strategy

Power Negotiation
Helping you negotiate deals you never thought possible

CommercialSolutions consultants enable you to negotiate exceptional deals, with relationship sensitivity.

We help our clients negotiate better outcomes than they ever thought possible through our expertise, challenge, facilitation and unique behavioral understanding. We use PRISM Brain Mapping to get 'Into The Minds' of your counterparts like no others can.
And we use your real situations to reinforce your team's learnings - you'll always remember the time you made a million dollars (or, like a recent client, a billion).

We also run the world's most advanced negotiation training, tailoring to your real negotiations to multiply the impact on your people and results. As part of the Power Negotiation group, we continue to build the most up-to-date training to keep your team at the forefront of this critical skill.

We are negotiation leaders: combine your industry knowledge with our expertise to achieve astounding results.

Negotiation Strategy

Our negotiation ViSTA    model is comprehensive, fast and effective


We focus on the most important factor in negotiation, power: gaining it and understanding how to use it most effectively


Execution / Behavior

Our suite of practical negotiation tools enable you to deliver your vision

We are your negotiation guides through your real negotiations

Coaching & Training

World class negotiation coaching as we consult, building your skills for the long term 

As part of the Power Negotiation group we deliver the world's most advanced negotiation training, tailored to your needs

"We feel stronger and better prepared through your coaching, advice and focus" - Contracts and Procurement Leader, $40bn capital project.

Major Contract Negotiations

Major Contract Negotiations

Ensure you maximize value
throughout contract life 

  • Thorough understanding of the landscape

  • Power assessment, review options and strategy selection

  • Build the plans to deliver

  • Team support to contract signature

  • Post action review to capture learnings


Collaborative Influencing

Build stronger relationships - proactively

  • World leading influencing coaches

  • Realize how brains REALLY work

  • Research based principles

  • Designed for Commercial Relationships

  • Working sessions on your own goals, create plans for immediate action

Negotiation Strategy

Negotiation Strategy

World leading Negotiation ViSTA   Strategy Model

  • Define negotiation goals

  • Measure the balance of power and decide how to use it

  • Messaging strategy 

  • A multitude of tactical tools to deliver your vision

  • Flexibility through execution



Negotiation Training

Power Negotiation Workshops

Tailored workshops creating experts

  • Led by world class negotiators, not trainers

  • Your real-world negotiations

  • Increase your negotiators' confidence for astounding ROI

  • Various durations, including virtual training

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Collaborative Negotiation Facilitation

Collaborative Negotiation Facilitation

Collaborate with your partners in a whole new way

  • Agree joint objectives within defined boundaries

  • Counselling of both sides to maximize joint value creation

  • We keep the climate positive when its easier to revert to competitive behavior

Retained Negotiation Support

Retained Negotiation Consulting

The best negotiators, when you need them

  • Strategy and tactical support on demand: proactive and reactive

  • Coaching through your negotiations

  • Peace of mind in an age where commercial change is the norm

Retained Negotiation Consulting
Unilateral Demands

Resist Unilateral Demands

Deal with these frustrating 'asks' effectively

  • Measure the balance of power

  • Select and build the best strategy

  • Plan your tactics to maximize the outcome

  • Using the unique Negotiation ViSTA suite

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