Power Negotiation

Helping you negotiate deals you never thought possible

CommercialSolutions consultants enable you to negotiate financially rewarding deals with relationship sensitivity.

We help our clients negotiate better outcomes than they ever thought possible through our expertise, challenge, facilitation and support.


And we work hard to reinforce the learnings from these real situations, as they are the strongest of all - you'll always remember the time you made a million dollars (or, like a recent client, a billion).

We also run the world's most advanced negotiation training, using your real negotiations to multiply the impact on your people and results. As part of the Power Negotiation group, we continue to build the most up-to-date training in various forms to keep your team at the forefront of this critical skill.

We are negotiation leaders. Combine your industry knowledge with our expertise to achieve astounding results.

Negotiation Strategy

Our negotiation ViSTA    model is comprehensive, fast and effective


We focus on the most important factor in negotiatoin, power: gaining it and knowing how to use it most effectively


Execution / Behavior

Our suite of practical negotiation tools enable you to deliver your vision

We are your negotiation guides through your real negotiations

Coaching & Training

World class negotiation coaching as we consult, building your skills for the long term 

As part of the Power Negotiation group we deliver the world's most advanced negotiation training, tailored to your needs

"We feel stronger and better prepared through your coaching, advice and focus" - Contracts and Procurement Leader, $40bn capital project.

Major Contract Negotiations
Negotiation Strategy
Negotiation Training
Collaborative Negotiation Facilitation
Retained Negotiation Support
Unilateral Demands

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