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Executives at Work

Behavior Insight
Provide your team the knowledge to thrive

Commercial relationships must deliver action to achieve results. And to be successful a relationship must be based on trust and respect. The strongest way to build these is through understanding, and we use PRISM Brain Mapping to provide the most cutting-edge, neuroscience-based understanding to our clients.


The insight we gain from this world class behavior preference measurement equips our clients to move faster and with more confidence, based on objective behavioral data.  We lead because

   - We measure behavior, which you can change, not fixed personality 

   - It's based on science not theory

   - Everyone is treated as an individual, not put in pre-determined categories or 'boxes'

We provide commercial solutions objectively incorporating the behavior change required within each client's culture and market. This can be either at a team level or individual development.

Commercial Team Building

The only team building workshop we know of combining strategy and behavior​ to deliver clear, actionable plans from vision to specific behaviors

Fast, active, rewarding and purposeful. Probably the most powerful activity your team can do together 


Objective analysis of your whole team

Individual Development

All development is about behavior

Our unique 'Commercial Coaching' model fills a long-overdue gap for support from experienced executives using the most advanced behavior model

We tailor support programs to each individual, based on data-based insight and feedback

"So successful I'm committed to a broader roll-out of the program to the rest of my sales organization" - Mike Pierson, SVP Sales, Campbell's Soup Company


Commercial Coaching

Leaders need someone who's been there

  • Commercial coaches with decades of broad and senior business experience

  • Independent sounding board

  • ‘Instant consulting’ advice for new challenges

  • Trained coaches to support continued development

Commercial Team Building

Commercial Team Building

Using next generation team behavior analysis to help teams win

  • Led by experienced business leaders

  • Individual and team analysis to drive insight-led action

  • All solutions are tailored for your team

Behavior Analysis

PRISM Behavior Analysis

Next generation neuroscience based insights

  • Used by leading companies

  • Instantly actionable insights

  • For your entire development journey

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New Leader Onboarding

New Leader Onboarding

The step up from do-er to leader is tough. Independent, commercial coaching

  • First 90 days planning and support, using PRISM Professional

  • Trained coaches to support this most challenging transition

  • Development coaching

  • Independent sounding board

  • ‘Instant consulting’ advice for new challenges

Virtual Team Building

Virtual Team Building

Online team building when you can't get together in person

  • Led by experienced business leaders

  • Individual and team analysis to drive insight-led action

  • Various solutions tailored for your people

Commerical Skills Development

Commercial Skills Development

From those who've been there


  • Tailored solutions for all commercial skills

  • When you have a specific need

  • Utilizing our whole team's vast experience

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