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Understanding People
for Commercial Advantage

We support leaders who believe in people focused results

You've probably worked for leaders who claim to be all about their people...but their behavior said otherwise. You may even have been that way yourself due to pressure, or a culture you felt compelled to fit into.

You may have worked for and with leaders who demonstrate their belief that the best, sustainable business results come from supporting, empowering, and challenging people to be great.

Which type of leader do you want to be?

We support leaders who believe in people focused results

These leaders understand that life is a journey, and we all need support along the way.


1. Understanding

Self and others.
We are the only commercial consultancy using PRISM Brain Mapping; providing clear, objective data to deeply understand individuals.

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2. Skills

People and technical.

Such as leadership, negotiation, customer strategy.
We deliver world-leading programs steeped in commercial excellence.

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3. Experience

Avoid mistakes, learn from successes.
We use our broad experience to tailor solutions to our clients’ needs.

We take these journeys with our clients:

  • Leadership journeys
    The journey of leadership never ends. There is no ‘right’ way to lead, however, understanding your authentic self and adapting your style to different situations is much easier with objective insight and experienced support.


  • Team and individual performance journeys
    As we go through life we become more comfortable in our own skin…and more powerful as a result. We play to our strengths and are happy to ask for help.
    Teams based on mutual understanding perform better, and PRISM provides previously unimagined insight into team members and their interactions.


  • Change journeys
    Change goes well or fails due to people. People-focused change is much more likely to succeed. We engage teams to build their vision of success. Then we help them understand what they must, and must not, do to achieve it. With PRISM we enable team understanding so they maximize each other’s strengths.


  • Customer journeys
    Understanding your customer is at the heart of all business success. Our world-class commercial consulting, and programs such as negotiation, customer strategy, go-to market, link with PRISM to empower your teams to build the most valuable, long-term customer relationships.

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CommercialSolutions is the only commercial consultancy in North America using PRISM Brain Mapping, the world's most advanced behavior preference measurement tool.

Behavior analysis is more applicable than personality assessments as we can change our behavior immediately and develop it over time.

PRISM uses neuroscience to provide hundreds of data points for objective insights to guide behavior choice and development.

With this depth of understanding there are no labels. Recognizing the infinite differences in us all enables each individual to bring their best self. 

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“Their collaborative approach ensures our interests are always prioritized, and their adaptability and market acumen have consistently surpassed our expectations.”

Adam Roscher, Chief Customer Officer, Ferrara Candy

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