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‘The Negotiators’ is a series of articles that bring to life the most common types of negotiator: what they are like, their strengths and weaknesses, as well as approaches that will help you negotiate with them. Designed to be practical tools, you may find value in referring to the set for a quick start in reading and handling those you encounter.

Oblivious 2.jpg

The Oblivious

Just so busy they can’t be bothered to negotiate. The Oblivious often has many trading partners and a complex business to run, so doesn’t have time to negotiate. They like to make demands and stick to them. If they have power this can be effective (without any real planning).

They would likely be far more effective with a little use of the 80/20 rule – spend more time with their top 20% of partners, delivering satisfaction and engaging in trading. The partners may well be looking to invest in someone who invests in them.

Favorite Film – Star Wars

Favorite Book – Da Vinci Code

Favorite Food – Big Mac meal

How to work with them

Captain Oblivious needs to come to you. You need to sell them first on the potential of investing time with you. Using ‘if you can do that for me, then I can do this for you’ is effective provided this is a big enough incentive to get their interest. Don’t bank on a long drawn out back and forth negotiation – they haven’t got time.

Of course, time is premium for The Oblivious so variables that deliver efficient results will have greater value to them. Understanding this, and showing them you understand this, can open their minds to your trades. Once you have momentum, keep it going.

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